On Our Knees

This morning, God lured me out to my back porch to have a cup of coffee and a special moment with Him.  He seems to invite me into nature, a lot, to hear the sounds of the birds and animals in the woods behind our home.  There is a little stream that runs through the back yard too.

16196623 - water flows down a mountain stream

After a rain, I can sit outside and hear the water flowing down stream – it is breathtaking at times – the sounds of nature.

I am reminded, once again, that God is in control.  I am reminded, once again, that God never changes.  I am reminded, once again, that every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. (James 1:17)

There are shifting shadows all around me that are constantly changing.  Trying to control.  Trying to manipulate.  Trying to make me believes lies.

I’m tired Boss.  Yep!  I’m tired Boss, of all the hatred, controlling, manipulating.

I don’t watch the news.  I am beginning to overlook all the hate-mail out there in social media.  I’m tired of it and I know my Heavenly Father is tired of it.

Temper Tantrums.  It’s my way or the hi-way.  Think like me or I will not be your friend. This is what I want and I know God wants me to be happy.

I could continue on – but why?  It is just a bunch of babbling going on!

There is so much misuse of God’s Word going on – in politics – in the church – on platforms.  There are those who have claimed to do intensive studies on what God meant about certain topics and have literally changed the meaning of the Words that God has spoken.  His children throwing out words of hatred against each other – babbling away.

Then the words, “on our knees,” came to my mind.  That is where we all need to be – ON OUR KNEES!  Asking for forgiveness.  Turning back to the Lord.  Seeking His Will and His Way.  Abiding.  Abiding in Him. Becoming aware, once again, that our Lord and Savior does not change.

When my children were younger, at times they would argue and fight with one another.  And then there were moments of loving – getting along with one another.

Whenever it would get out of hand, I would sit them down on the couch next to one another and tell them they could only speak kind things to one another – hold hands.  Sometimes there was resistance and they would have to sit there longer and we would wait and wait until they were ready to forgive each other.  Most of the time, it would end in laughter.

That is what is needed right now – a coming together – on our knees – and seeking the Father’s forgiveness – willing to seek change for our lives – that kinda of change that can only come from the Father up above.

Transformation into His likeness and away from our ugliness towards one another.

broken heart

Are you willing to change?  Are you willing to go to the altar and seek the Lord’s forgiveness?

He is saying it is time.  Time for the controlling to end.  The manipulating to end.  The hatred to end.

What will it take for each one of us to change?

My Song:  Simple and yet so true – the words to this song.  God never changes.  But we were meant to be changed – transformed into His likeness.  Today is a good day to turn back to Him and meet with one another at His Altar of Love and of Forgiveness.

Change My Heart Oh God

16196623 - water flows down a mountain stream
Streams of Mercy – Never Ending



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