Never will I leave you; Never will I forsake you.

Words spoken by my God.

This is Relationship.  This is not a far off Relationship.  This is Personal and Closeup.

This is Presence.

Jesus has called me – friend – family.


The Holy Spirit lives in me.

Why would I keep my Lord at a distant?

As a friend, do you not talk to others that you call “friend?”

Being a friend is being present.  

God is present in my life.  He walks with me.  He talks with me.

Don’t stand off in the distance never stepping closer to your Lord and your Savior – run to Him – seek Him – believe in Him.

Today, I leave another song with you – memories from my childhood.  I believed these words as I sung them then and I believe them now.

39216867 - path on the park

He walks with me.  He talks with me.

Make this a year of getting to know Him.  Truly know Him.  Take a chance.

He Walks With Me

Don’t let another keep you from knowing Him.  From being in His Presence.


Hebrews 13:5

John 15:15


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