Bump You

Several days ago, I said that I would share a dream with you.

God speaks through our dreams.  God speaks to us in many ways.  Unless, we open our hearts to Him – we may miss some guidance – a lesson – an experience.

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Freedom in Christ

There is purpose in our dreams.  Many times, there will be situations or things throughout the day that may affect what we dream.  But God will allow us to see – to feel – experience something throughout the day and then give us dreams to build upon those thoughts.

The day before I had this dream, it was a long day.  A tiring day.  And yet, there were situations – things that were reflected within my dream.  It is not complicated.  It is just being aware – aware of what surrounds you.

Before I went to bed, I took a look at my Facebook page.  There was a post by a godly man that I highly respect about a new book that he was anticipating being published.  He had asked followers to pick out a book cover.  One cover had feathers surrounding the outer edge.  Another had a shooting star bursting forth.  And the last one had what appeared to be a cave.

Knowing me, my first reaction was to pick the one with feathers.  As I was about to make my choice, I felt God (His Holy Spirit) say, “Go deeper.”  So I stopped thought for a moment and then I picked the one with the cave.

Now to go on to the dream:

In my dream, I was in an open wide space filled with many people – there was a lot of chaos and conflict surrounding me.  People were running about and yelling out, “Come, see what I found!”

It was non-stop.  People were looking for something, but when they dug a little deeper it wasn’t anything – or at least not everyone could agree that what they dug up was the real treasure.

Looking closer, I realized that these people were dressed in prisoner uniforms – some were yellow – some were orange.

It was as though I could not move, because I was so amazed at how the people were running around crazed (cray-cray).  Slowly, the people starting leaving, giving up on finding the treasure.  As the area cleared out, I could see what appeared to be a cave off in the distance.  I slowly walked toward that cave as I could seen there were a few men inside.  As I neared the entrance, I could see one man in the back scraping at the wall – he was dressed in an orange prisoner’s jumpsuit.

All at once, a layer came off the wall shattering into thousands of pieces of glass.  The man shouts out, “I found it!  I found it!”

As I looked closer I saw that it was a word written on the wall.  It spelled out, “FREEDOM!”

This man had found Freedom!  Freedom in Christ!

And then I woke up saying, “Bump you!”  

A little cray-cray!  Oh Lord, what does that mean?

My first thought was seeing football players doing what is called a “Chest Bump” after a touchdown.

Then I realized, that it was important for others to know this freedom in Christ.  There is excitement in finding this freedom and then experiencing it!

The Lord was showing me how we run around looking for something and not even recognizing it when we find it.  There is freedom in Christ – freedom from slavery in the world – but we must receive it. We must believe in it.  We must experience it.

Then I thought about a time in the Bible when Moses asked God to show His Glorious Presence:

Ex 33:21-22 – The LORD continued, “Stand here on this rock beside me. As my glorious presence passes by, I will put you in the cleft of the rock and cover you with my hand until I have passed. (NLT)

When we experience God’s Glory – His Freedom – we need to share it!  And I think that is what “Bump you!” means!  Get excited!  Experience Him!

He Hideth My Soul

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