Face. To. Face. In. All. His. Glory.

One day, I will stand before the Lord, face-to-face.  Then, I will truly see Him in all His Glory!  What a day of rejoicing that will be!

Gods Glory.jpg
God’s Glory

This week, we journey through the prayer of Jesus, before he faced a gruesome experience of rejection.  Jesus knew and experienced rejection in a way that most will never have to experience.

Let’s take a look at the beginning of John 17:

This is what Jesus prayed as he looked up into heaven, “Father, the time has come. Unveil the glorious splendor of your Son so that I will magnify your glory! You have already given me authority over all people so that I may give the gift of eternal life to all those that you have given to me.  Eternal life means to know and experience you as the only true God, and to know and experience Jesus Christ, as the Son whom you have sent. I have glorified you on the earth by faithfully doing everything you’ve told me to do. So my Father, restore me back to the glory that we shared together when we were face-to-face before the universe was created.”

Jesus had spent time telling his disciples about the rocky road up ahead for him and for them.  They knew something was coming, but there was no way that they could fully know what would happen next, until that moment came.  Jesus had told them that they would scatter.  And they did.

But in this chapter, Jesus prays.  He prays for himself.  He prays for his disciples.  And he prays for future believers – and that would include you and me.

Jesus walked a rocky road for you and for me.  He knew and understood the pain that was up ahead for him.  And he did it!  He did it for you and for me.


Because he wanted to glorify the Father.

Eternal life.  To know and experience Jehovah as the only true God.  And to know and experience Jesus Christ.

Do you know Him?

If you are on a rocky road, take time to get to know him.  Take those moments that seem to last for an eternity, and spend them with the God of Glory.  You will never regret one moment given to him.

My Song.  To know him.  To experience him.  Can be found here on earth too.  Know. him. Experience. Him.

Show Me Your Glory




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