Broken parts.

Broken hearts.

Do you believe?  Have you forgotten that our Lord and our Savior heals the brokenhearted?

Believe Sand

Our world is full of hate – unforgiveness – addictions.  And yet, we just sit by in disbelief – doing nothing.

Drugs, alcohol, sex, food, hatred are destroying us.  We refuse to believe that God can and will help us overcome those things that keep us down.  Keep us down in our disbelief.

What about fear?  Have you allowed fear to pin you down and leave you in a state of disbelief?

This Advent season – reach out and up and let the Father take your hand and pull you up – pull you up out of what is holding you down – whatever it may be.

For you see, because of The Cross – your interest in this world has been crucified.  The old – the fear can no longer have grips on you if you only believe.

My Song:  May your belief be renewed this Advent Season.  A wonderous story of our Lord and our Savior.  Do you know Him?  Do you believe in Him?


My Lord never allowed anything to interfere with his consecration of spiritual energy.

Galatians 6:14

Believe Sand


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