What is that key to the problems that have risen in our society?

The problems have always been there.  But never so wide-spread in so many areas – affecting so many lives.

I can’t quite put my finger on it – but it is a key.


There is no doubt that it is spiritual.  And yet, it has consumed our lives so much – it is seen vividly in the natural realm today.  We are flooded with addictions.  People crying out for help and yet no one seems to have the key – the key that opens up the box with the answer.

All one needs to do is go to a hospital – preferably in a hospital with a good brain-injury unit and you will find those searching – begging for an answer.

I have sat in the hallways of this floor – the floor where families come together – not knowing the outcome of their loved one.  A loved one that stepped over the threshold of life and is dangling in mid-air awaiting an answer from the staff behind the locked door.

You sit there long enough, and you can recognize what stage of waiting the family is in.  I won’t go into those details for now.  But there is a pattern to it – the pain is real and it wants to be fully released – but it remains dormant – waiting.

I have words but I must be careful with them.

It’s out there in the darkness – the darkness of the soul.  And with the word, “addiction,” comes the next cry out of “fear.”

Yes, fear grows.  How did we get to this point.  Didn’t we try hard enough?  What could we have done differently?

I know that it is probably not a one-size fits all type of answer and yet deep within my soul, I can’t help but know that there is a key – one key – a small key.

There is so much clutter.  It has been piling up for a long time.  How do I peel away all the layers to addiction to come down to that small place that has the key – that has the answer to all these addictions?

Three words:  Addictions – Fear – Different

And these three words lead to three more words: Depression – Pain – Spiritual

The answer – the key is found in the last three words.

It is attached to our brain cells.  It slows our breathing and it slows our heart-rate.

I pray for help to find that key.  I know that the answer is a simple one.

My Song:  Word of God Speak – Speak to me.  Help me to find that key.

Word of God Speak


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