Character Assassination

Gotta love those early morning coffee dates with Adonai.

My heart has been parked at the space marked “Addictions” for the month of January.

It is February now, and I await the Father taking this subject a little deeper down into the soul.  Somehow our emotions are tied in with addictions.  I’m working through that thought.

But this morning, God threw in a new word for me to inquire about.

Character Assassination.


Character assassination has become quite popular over the past three years.  In other words “there is a whole lot of mudslinging going on!”

2019 is a year for me to get to know Yahweh a little more intimately.  To discover more about his character.  So I find it interesting this morning, that he would bring up this topic on character assassination.

First, let me define that word:

An intention attempt to spoil the reputation of the person by criticizing them severely, especially unfairly in the newspaper or on television.

Yep!  There is a breeze in regards to assassinating one another’s character.

Basically, character assassination has a lot to do with controlling – with dominating the minds of others to only think the way that you do about another person.

Yep!  There is a whole lot of controlling and dominating going on!

Proverbs 16:28 – “A deceitful person stirs up strife, and a slanderer can separate even close friends. (CJB) 

There have been a lot of friendships severed over the past three years due to character assassination – the controlling of the minds.

Psalm 119:69 – “Though the arrogant have smeared me with lies, I keep your precepts with all my heart. (NIV)

I leave these thoughts with you today so that if you feel so led, that maybe you will do a little soul digging in your heart to see where you are at in the mudslinging – the controlling – the dominating lifestyle and that maybe its time for a change.

I would highly suggest taking time to take a look at Psalm 119 – its a little long – but the words allow one to go on a soul searching adventure.

You know I’m a thinking that there has even been some character assassination against Adonai too!  That may be one of the reasons this topic came up at coffee time this morning.  Just sayin!

Are you missing a long-lost friendship today?  Maybe its a good time to reach out and rethink what happened.

Be blessed today in Yahweh’s Presence.

My Song:

Here in the Presence



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