Conflagrant Hearts

My heart is on fire for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

I can see out across the land, hearts burning – glowing in beautiful illuminating lights.

Christians. Churches. Cathedrals.

It does not matter.  For the Light will continue to shine out into darkness.  Exposing. Disclosing. Divulging. Debunking.

Sacred Heart Christian Illustration

It was sad to see yesterday, the blazing flames of the Notre Dame Cathedral.  But yet, I was reminded of a City on the Hill – shining brightly out into a world – a hurting world – proclaiming Christ Jesus.

While we are here, on earth, there will always be those who have been devoured by EVIL, doing the work of Satan, trying to destroying GOOD.  But no matter how hard these ones try, they will never put out the Conflagrant Hearts – Hearts on Fire for Jesus.

Its Holy Week.  Let your light shine out in love for your Lord and your Savior and the evil ones will be exposed – brought out of darkness and made known.

My Song:  This song touched by heart this morning – let’s light up the world through praise and worship. There has been much division in hearts over these past years.  But what a week to gloriously burn on fire – in love – for the world – that others will see Jesus in all His Glory.

Hearts on Fire

John 3:16 – “FOR this is how much God loved the world – he gave his one and only, Unique Son as a gift. So now everyone who believes in him will never perish but experience everlasting life.”  (TPT)


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