Lies Become Our Refuge

In my reading and writing out Scriptures from the book of Isaiah, I came across an interesting set of words:

Isaiah 28:15 – “. . . . . for we have made lies our refuge, and in falsehood we have taken shelter” (ESV)

I have discovered that the words that I have read from the book of Isaiah, ring as true today as when the words were penned.

American Flag and Eagle.jpg

These words do ring out true in our Country today.

As the Fourth of July approaches, we have many who call themselves journalists and leaders, and they have been trying to fill the minds of people with such lies and falsehoods.


We have leaders who are supporting immigrants to come into our Country illegally.  Feeding them with lies and they are making a refuge within those words.  We have news media sources who have been spouting falsehoods for years now, wanting people to take shelter in those words..

Have you allowed lies to become your refuge?  Have you allowed falsehoods to become your shelter?

I could go on and on about all the lies and falsehoods that have been placed out there as traps – but there is no need to do so.  I am sure whether you admit it openly or you keep silent about what is happening in our Country, you know (and see) what is happening.

The question really is “do you want to make these lies your refuge – do you want to make these falsehoods your shelter?

There is no doubt that a big mess has been made in our Country.  But doing nothing about it will not make it disappear.  Common sense needs to resurface.  The common good of all Americans must be revisited.

It is really a simple task that needs to take place.  A common grandmother could smooth it out in a few days.  Even a few four or five-year old’s could come up with a few basic principles to clean some of it up.

What will you do?

My Song:  I couldn’t think of a more beautiful song today.  Its a song about standing up and joining others in cleaning up a mess – a big mess. Its about everyday, average folks who work hard to keep family together – spreading love around.  I pray that you enjoy the words.

God Bless the USA

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