Battle Flag

I continue on journaling and reading from the book of Isaiah.  Also, I continue to be amazed to how it parallels to our world today.

I read from Isaiah 31:6-9 this morning and the words, “Battle Flag” is what caught my mind’s eyes.

For some reason, our leaders feel it is okay to disrespect our American Flag aka Battle Flag. We give people from our country and other countries the right to disrespect what that flag stands for.

American football on green grass, on flag of United States of America background

Did you know that the flag is also called a standard?  It represents what people have fought for.  The American Flag represents freedom.  It represents the blood of many who died so that we could continue to be free.  It came with a price.  And yet, we are devaluing that cost!

I used to love football.  It brought country together.  It honored our country.  But today, football doesn’t stand for anything!  How can officials stand by and allow this dishonor to continue?

What are our standards in America?  Have we forgotten?

I work with the military almost daily.  I see so many of our youth joining and learning how to make wise choices in life.  I see soldiers supporting one another and actually building relationships – healthy relationships with one another without cellphones in their hands every minute of the day.  It gives me hope!

Daily I hear these young men and women thank me for being there for them and always making their day a little easier.  They always appreciate what they have.  For many, they always say, “Have a blessed day!”  And they mean it too!

Too many people are trying to replace the American flag with other flags – flags that disrespect others.  They destroy our standards.

The media mocks the American flag and the American people.  They focus on a handful of people who have no purpose in their lives accept for their own concerns – their own desires – their own selfish ways.  It destroys our country.

There is hope though!  For the many who have been silent are tired of the mess that has been made.  I could take this further but there is no need to do so.  Our country is a Christian country.  It was built to help the average Joe out there to make a better life for their family.  It was based upon a relationship with the Heavenly Father to give our children standards to arise from.  It was given to show that we are people who are willing to stand for what is right and honorable.  It was given to know what Truth is.

Military cemetery with crosses on green grass

The next time you come upon an American Flag, look upon it as a Battle Flag – a standard that men and women died for for Freedom.  Not freedom to be disrespectful – but a flag to remember those long forgotten.

My Song: America the Beautiful

Today, my grandson, Tyler, leaves for Basic Training.  He is following in the steps of his Grandfather Pat and His Great Grandfather Rufus, and his Great Grandfather Red and his Great Great Grandfathers before that.  It is where he will become a man of honor and of respect.  He will join other young men and women today as they leave their families behind to discover this honor path too.  To discover the true meaning behind their American Flag for it will become their Battle Flag.  I’ll be praying for each one you.

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