The Ink Pen of Heaven

I had a dream years ago.  A dream to write.

And yet, I allowed the fear of man to control my thoughts.  My ways.

The seeds planted so long ago lay dormant in the dirt. The dream was never watered – never fed – never thought about.  Yes, I have played around with “words” these last few years, but now it is time to take up the Ink Pen of Heaven and let the words flow through my mind – my hand.

21287064 - boy is putting seeds in the soil in the vegetable garden

In a week, I will officially retire.  Sad in some ways.  But refreshing in so many other ways.  A dream to take place – to become a reality.

Come Heavenly Father, let us create together – fill in the pages with words of love.  Remove the blotted pages of fear from long ago that has darkened my path.

Come, let the Ink Pen of Heaven flow across the new pages of faith – with fear removed forever.

Today, I am reminded of the children and what man has done to them.  Fear has been planted into their hearts at such young ages.  Man has taken away their dreams – their visions – their hopes.  They no longer have freedom to dream – to play – to just be children. Sadly man has stepped forth to keep some of them from coming down the water-slide of life to live out their destiny here on earth.

How will we keep the children free if we allow fear to rule in our hearts?  Who is willing to stand up for the children?  Who will stand up for you?

What will you do today? Are you ready to remove the blotted pages of fear and get out into the world to create what you dreamed of so long ago?

paper and  pen

Today. Today is a good day to remember. What have you allowed to lay dormant in the dirt?

It is time!  Time to take up the pen that was placed into your hand, long ago, and create.

My Song:  TIME.  Time is slipping away.  Time to live out your dreams.  Pick up those seeds that have laid dormant for so long and plant them – fed them – water them.

Time In A Bottle

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