Gotta love those early morning coffee dates with Adonai.

My heart has been parked at the space marked “Corruption” for the month of January.

And now it is February. Where will my Father take me now?

I keep thinking, “Where has all the mud come from? Why is there so much slinging going on?”

Basically, it comes from corrupted hearts. Hearts that have been severed from the Father’s Heart. It has been a year now, since I sat in my quiet time when the words “Character Assassination” came up. The mud seems to just keep building up.

Character Assassination:


Character assassination has become quite popular over the past several years.  In other words “there is a whole lot of mudslinging going on!”

Let me define that word:

An intentional attempt to spoil the reputation of the person by criticizing them severely, especially unfairly in the newspaper or on television.

Basically, character assassination has a lot to do with controlling – with dominating the minds of others to only think the way that you do about another person.

Yep!  There is a whole lot of controlling and dominating going on!

Proverbs 16:28 – “A deceitful person stirs up strife, and a slanderer can separate even close friends. (CJB) 

There have been a lot of friendships severed over the past several years due to character assassination – the controlling of the minds.

Psalm 119:69 – “Though the arrogant have smeared me with lies, I keep your precepts with all my heart. (NIV)

There has even been some mudslinging done towards Adonai. Yep! And somehow it has trickled down.  Too many have put God aside, and have decided to do his thinking for him. Just sayin!

I leave these thoughts with you today so that if you feel so led, that maybe you will do a little soul digging in your heart to see where you are at in the mudslinging – the controlling – the dominating lifestyle and that maybe its time for a change. Start at the top and consider where your heart thoughts about God might be. Have you silenced Him? Thinking maybe you know better than Him? Then follow the trickling down pattern – how far has the mudslinging gone in your heart?

Heavenly Father, I start with myself today. I open up my heart to you – guide me in cleaning up any mudslinging that has attached to my heart. Have I in any way tried to control others or dominate their lives? Have I in any way been a part of the mudslinging? Work within me today, that when I go to bed tonight, I will know that my heart is right with you once again.  I love  you, Lord and I ask this in Jesus Christ’s name, Amen.

My Song:

Change My Heart oh God



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