How Do We Undo Hatred?

Many of us are at home – self-isolating. Hoping in some way it will help slow down the spread of a virus that has come into our lives worldwide.

That is what I am doing right now. Self-isolating. With my two puppies laying in their bed in the office. It feels like most Saturday mornings to me. Quiet. Alone. Basking in the Father’s love.

I look at previous blog posts that I have made over the last couple of years. And one word seems to come to mind: HATRED

The choice between love or hate as a symbol

Hatred will cause us to self-isolate. To put our hearts away inside of a hard shell to protect us from others. Sadly, as a group, we have focused more on the sins and failings of others and not focused much upon our own sins and failings.

I am even wondering if people are having trouble caring about others during this social distancing. Or do we find some cracks appearing in our hearts, maybe opening up to something greater than ourselves?

Just a thought!

Hatred is ugly. It is deceitful. It is loud. It is mocking. It fuels the flames within the fire of our souls.

As I sit here this morning – I think – “How do we undo hatred?”

Love Teddy Bear

Maybe during our isolation, we can do a little pondering – a little soul searching.

I have realized that it is impossible to unite as one when our hearts have been filled with hatred.

So, how do we undo hatred?


Hatred must be replaced with love.

Hate stirs up disputes,
but love covers all kinds of transgressions.
– Proverbs 10:12 (CJB)

My Song:

I have weathered many storms in my life. Times when I didn’t trust in God. Times when I did trust in God. And in my pain – in my grief – in my loneliness – I learned how to praise Him in the storms of my life. Life can be tough at times. Tough enough that you just want to lie down and give up. BUT then, you realize that you want to live. I pray that this song touches your soul and gives you courage to get up and move away from any hatred you hold onto to a love that will bring healing.

Praise You In The Storm

25225309 - old boat in the stormy ocean

Father God, I am so thankful as I sit in quietness this morning, that you are there in my presence. Your Presence has always been a safe place for me. You have taught me how to love. You have taught me how to let go of hurts and pains. And now you are teaching me how to use my words more wisely. Some days I fail. But some days I succeed. I am eternally grateful that you have never given up on me. May we all come together, searching for ways to clean the hatred out of our hearts and learn how to replace that with love – Your Love. I ask this in Jesus Christ’s Name, Amen


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