Toilet Paper Epidemic

How has your life changed during this epidemic of toilet paper missing from your favorite stores for the last month?

Soft toilet paper

For some they were able to go buy out the supply across our Nation. But then, could anyone sleep?

For Fear of having no toilet paper in the house? For fear of buying so much toilet paper you were afraid that others might come to rob you of your stash. So our Nation has been unable to sleep.

I would encourage you to contact your Congress Person and your Senator to have them start an investigation into what happened. Why as a Nation we were not prepared. There are so many questions to asks and they need to start with “Why did our government not have a stash on hand for such an epidemic as this?”

Plan B for no toilet paper

For my family, we came dangerously low to not having toilet paper in the house.  Tensions were rising. Should we start researching into what people used in past centuries? How did they handle not having a supply on hand?

I went to the store this week, in hopes of finding at least a roll of paper.  Instead of walking my regular routine through the store, I got my cart and ran to the back of the store in hopes there would be paper on the shelf. I rounded the corner and once again saw empty shelves, but suddenly I could see in the distance what appeared to be a few packages of toilet paper sitting on the shelf.

There were two elderly people already there. My first thought, “I hope the store has a limit for each person.” As I quickly, started down the isle, they look up and see me, and quickly put two packages in their cart. As I got there, being careful to use my social distancing skills, the man looked up and grabbed two more. Then they quickly left without a word or a smile.

I quickly put two packages in my cart, tucked tightly at the bottom of the cart, in case anyone wanted to try and take them from me. Then I rounded the corner to finish my shopping and low and behold I see others making a bee line to see if they would be able to get their needed supply.

This my folks is an epidemic! It has been fearful times for so many. We have had to go to unknown places in hope of finding even a “square of toilet paper!”

Toilet Paper Epidemic

What will our government leaders do to keep such a quick epidemic from moving across our Nation again like this? Will our Nation, once again, have to go to rationing coupons to receive basic necessities?

We have had many difficulties that as a Nation we have been challenged over this past month. We have a worldwide pandemic with a virus (that no one can make up their minds what to call it) that has caused FEAR to grow within many hearts. But an epidemic is at a higher level of concerns for all. What have we allowed to enter into our hearts, our minds, our very souls?  FEAR

We have seen over the past four years what hatred can do within a Nation. BUT FEAR needs to be handled quickly. For unlike empty shelves of toilet paper, fear consumes us and we no longer are able to think rationally.

When FEAR knocks on your door, send FAITH to answer.

27267650 - vintage georgian doors in yellow and turquoise in dublin

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. – John 14:27


Have you allowed fear to enter your hearts? Beware of what it will do to consume your every thought. We have a special week just up ahead – a story of redemption – a story of hope and of love and of grace. I strongly encourage you to remember this Story of Love and allow the Love Maker to open your eyes to Him and allow him to restore your Faith in Him.

My Song:  This song changed so much in my life about five years ago. At prayer meetings at church, we played this song many times. I enjoyed hearing the children become brave while singing the words. We must remember who we are and to whom we belong. God has told us many times about Fear throughout His Word – enough that we almost have one for everyday of the year. May you be blessed by the words today.

No Longer Slaves

Father God, I am so thankful for your faithfulness over the years. Through good times. Through bad times. You have always remained. You have always been faithful to me. Help me to keep my eyes upon you during these trying times. For those who don’t have that security in their lives, may they find the one who calms all our fears. In this coming week, may your Name be Glorified.  I ask this in Jesus Christ’s name, Amen.




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