Longing For Home

A longing for home. Have you ever had a longing for home?

It can be a terrible ache deep down within your soul. I desire to be touched and hugged by loved ones.

A Longing for Home

I was reading this morning about Jacob and the longing that he had to be at home – at his father’s home.

Genesis 31:30 – “I understand your feeling that you must go, and your intense longing for your father’s home.” (NLT)

It is a great little story in chapter 31 of Jacob longing for home, but feeling like he had to steal away in the night in order to get away from the controlling of Laban over his family. He had been living in a spiritually dark place where the locals worshipped idols. It was hard to serve the True Living God in an atmosphere like that – longing for home – longing for a touch of heaven.

2020 has presented a very dark place to live in – so many changes – so many longings for home and being with loved ones. People missing the human touch. Children experiencing darkness and not understanding what is going on. Yes, a need for being home with loved ones.

As I sat thinking about this longing, I was reminded of loved ones who have gone home before me – a longing to be with them. A longing for my Heavenly Father. I remembered an old gospel song that I sung as a child and in my early adult years. I pray that you will be touched by the words.

Heavenly Father, Such a longing for home stirs within me. Yes, we live in difficult times, but just knowing that you are there with me; gives me hope for the day that I reach home to be with you. Help us to love one another while we are here; giving others a piece a heaven each day – a little hope along the way. I love you, Lord. I ask this in Christ Jesus’ name, amen.

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