Prepare for Battle

A Dream about WAR.  Always running for my life.

One year ago, I had a dream – I was running for my life with my husband and also for the lives of children.

There had been an evil group of people that had been seeking to destroy us – to kill us. These people had lied and manipulated for several years and had caused great stress upon our lives.

Soldiers at War

There were others in the dream – I do not see their faces as I have seen the faces of those striving to destroy us.  This group was willing to go with us.

We are in a town – a busy part of town – shops – parks – lots of people.  There are fences surrounding us – fences to keep the people in.  There appears to be no way out.  There are four young children who are running with us.  They were between three and seven years old.  They are scared but seem bold enough to die for Jesus.

I am looking for a way out – a place in the fence – but the fences are hot-wired and could possibly kill us with the strength of the electricity running wildly through the wires.  SUDDENLY, a man off to the side sees us and he comes over with bolt cutters and cuts through the padlock on a gate and we are able to get out.  There was no time to thank him – especially for fear of exposing what he had done for us.  He was obviously part of God’s Army put into a place to protect God’s children.

There is still chaos on the other side.  We see soldiers running after us – to capture us.

I see a water slide up ahead on the path and people were sliding down on it.  As we are running, I am also encouraging the children to run to the slide and just get on it and that I will be right behind them.

There are many people standing around – fearing to go down the water slide.  They are frozen where they stand – frozen in fear.  They have no clue of the darkness that is enveloped around them.

Our bodies are covered in cuts and bruises – we are in pain – yet we are determined to get the children safely to the other side.  Out of obedience and trust, we are running in blind faith towards our Heavenly Father.  We know that we are getting closer to freedom and still we have no idea where we are going.

The ones that were with us are beginning to slow down.  Yet, they are encouraging us to keep going.  They have gone as far as their calling has allowed them.  They must stay – stationed as watchmen in that town.  They are obedient and trusting in Adonai with blind faith – pure faith.

I stop.  I realize that there are five children and not four.  Did I miss this one from the last count?  No!  She had been sitting by the water slide and was not moving.  She had a floppy hat on and was refusing to come with us.  I go back to where she is sitting and ask her why she will not come with us.  She slowly lifts her head and is singing a song.  I recognize her.  I cannot reveal her name to you.

But, she stops singing for a moment and speaks, “We must first praise the Lord and then we can move forward in battle.”

At this point, I realize that we are heading into battle – it is time to arise and move forward in the name of the Lord.

We take the time to praise the Lord and while we are standing and singing – the enemy can not touch us – we are protected by our Heavenly Father.  Then, we turn and we run to the water slide and one-by-one we go down that slippery slope eagerly awaiting what will be on the other side.

33348586 - closeup of the highest waterfall on a planet - salto angel

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