Healing Rain

Texas. Pouring. Rain. Healing. Rain.

As I woke up this morning, I could see in a vision – people helping one another.  Boats. Rescue boats.  People. Love. Thankfulness. Grace. Mercy.

25225309 - old boat in the stormy ocean

What we can see in the physical realm is horrendous.  But what is happening in the spiritual realm is beautiful.  People coming together.  Hatred and conflict laid aside. Selfishness laid aside.

Is this the only way that Adonai can get the attention of His people? Of our Nation?

May we once again, pull together and reach out to one another in love – in grace – in mercy.  Let the healing rains come to heal our land.

August 24, 1992, I lived in Cooper City, Florida when Hurricane Andrew came in as a category 5 and levelled the land around me.  A widow of just over one year, I was alone during that storm, and yet, Adonai was with me and protected me from harm.  God brought the healing rains afterwards and people came together – all that mattered was life in general.  Homestead AFB was destroyed and never rebuilt. Lives were lost.  Homes destroyed that were never rebuilt.

May we come together as a Nation and put aside the hatred that has consumed our souls and let the healing rains bring unity once again.


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