Fairyland World

What I am trying to put into words today is difficult.  But I feel that I must at least attempt to start a conversation on what is happening around me.

Younger generations are living in a Fairyland World. Pretend World. Self-Centered World. They need help finding their way back to a Real World.

9871174 - dragon

Social media has become their world – they have hundreds of friends! It appears that life is beautiful and all is well.  Phones are even taken to bed each night in hopes that they can someway stay connected – pretending that life is beautiful.

In my studies lately, I am discovering more and more about the “Soul.”

It has been said that 90% of Christians today would not be able to define what the soul is.  There is a disconnection to reality – to their Heavenly Father – and it keeps their will, their mind, their bodies floating out in never land and there is nothing to bring it back into order.

It is like the pictures that we have seen lately with hurricanes that are destroying parts of our country – Harvey – Irma – it circles and circles around causing destruction and disarray.  It will take a major act to connect our souls back to God – for it is our souls that keeps our will, our mind, our body integrated – united and able to function and live in peace and joy.

Jesus, Lover of my soul.  He is the only one that can and will connect us back to our Heavenly Father.

Jesus, Lover of My Soul 



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