Give Me Jesus

When. I. Rise. Give. Me. Jesus.

There is a sweetness moving across the Country this year.  At Christmas.

Can you feel it?

Oh, His Presence is there.  Don’t miss it.  It is there.  It is more palpable this year for a reason.


Whatever you have lost – the pain – the loneliness – the fear – don’t miss out on His Presence this year.

There is much that we can give to others this time of year – baked cookies – pies – breads – perfectly wrapped gifts – 7-course meals – but don’t miss out on this one gift that He brings this year.

His Presence!

But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.  – Luke 2:19 (NIV))

There are many songs that I could share this time of year – Christmas Songs – but this song came to mind this morning and it will be on my lips all days:

Give Me Jesus

Desire Him.  Seek Him.

He waits for you.



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