He Touched Me

Have you been touched by the Father?

Maybe it was with a word of encouragement from another.  Maybe it was a song.  Maybe it was reading His Word.  Maybe He literally touched you.

Regardless. You. Know.

God, with His own hands created us.  He touched us. He breathed life into us.

In HIs Hands
He Touched Me

I remember a night, over 17 years ago, when I was alone, up front at the altar of God in church – asking for a touch from Him.  I had wanted His heart for so long.  And as I started to get up off my knees, I felt a hand on my back and I heard the words, “Don’t move.  Don’t get up.  I am bringing healing to your soul, your body, your mind.”

What did I feel?  I felt warmth.  I felt love.  I felt peace.  I felt wholeness.

I can’t tell you how long I was there, but it was awhile.  And I know that He touched me and made me whole again.

Reach out to the Father – He brings complete healing to our aching souls.

There was a woman many years ago, who had been sick for a long time with an issue of blood.  She had suffered for 12 years.  Spending lots of money on physicians.  She heard that Jesus was coming to town.  There was a large crowd that day.  But, she thought, “IF I touch even his garments, I will be made well.”

And she did.  And immediately, she was healed.  Just by a touch.

You can read her story in the Bible in Mark 5:25-34

An old beautiful hymn, that has been sung in church many years.  Oh, how I love that song – the words.  I leave that song with you today.  May you feel a touch from Him today:

He Touched Me

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