I. Am. Free. To. Run.

I. Am. Free. To. Dance.

I. Am. Free. To. Live. For. You.

I. Am. Free. Yes. I. Am. Free.

Get these words deep down into our hearts.  We are free.  The Son has set us free.

50399299 - i am free chalk words on blackboard background

Today is Day Nine of Lent Season 2018.  Would it not be wonderful if by the time Easter rolled around that we truly understood what it meant to be free.  To be free to live for Him?

If you note, Jesus has repeated Himself several times already throughout the 14th chapter of the book of John.  Let’s get this!

Then one of the disciples said, “Lord, why is it you will only reveal your identity to us and not to everyone?”

Jesus replied, “Loving me empowers you to obey my word. And my Father will love you so deeply that we will come to you and make you our dwelling place. But those who don’t love me will not obey my words. The Father did not send me to speak my own revelation, but the words of my Father. I am telling you this while I am still with you. But when the Father sends the Spirit of Holiness, the One like me who sets you free, he will teach you all things in my name. And he will inspire you to remember every word that I’ve told you. (TPT)


For me, what is so key in these words, is that the Father will send the Spirit of Holiness to set us free.  Now these disciples had no concept of that for they had been walking with the Son of God for 3 1/2 years.  They wanted Him.  They felt safe with Him.

BUT for us, we have only lived from the other side of the Cross.  After victory. We have only known what it is like to have the Holy Spirit living in us – and yet, many of us do not know that freedom.  WHY?

Because we don’t believe it.  Plain and simple.  We don’t believe it.  For if we truly believed that the Spirit of Holiness lived in us – we would be free.

As my earthly father said so many times, “Don’t sit there like a knot on a log!”

Don’t allow others to keep you from living from a place of freedom.  From victory.

Allow the Spirit of God the ability to teach you.  To teach you all things in the name of Jesus.

When we get this!  We will see this horrible hatred that surrounds us fall away.  Then the love of Jesus will be seen in God’s Children.

Today is a song of freedom.  Get it into your heart today.  We are free.


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