Peace River

When my children were younger, we use to love to go camping and canoeing.  We found Peace River!  It was peaceful even with a bus load of children too!

Peace River is in Florida.  A get away place.  Nothing like it then!  No phones!  No gaming! No texting!  Just plain ole in your face family fun!  This is what is missing in the world today – enjoying one another in the moment.  No competition for attention!

6006252 - single row boat on lake with reflection in the water
Peace River

I’m talking peace.  Real peace.

Not. Just. Any. Peace.

But. The. Gift. Of. Peace.

Perfect. Peace.

The peace that Jesus left for me – for you – for all who have chosen to follow Him there is the perfect peace.  NOT the fragile peace given by the world.

Do you see what is happening in our world today?  Our country today?

I am telling you – as God’s children we have been accepting that ugly and deceptive peace that comes from the world.  Man!  We must wake up!  And stop following the world!  And get back to God’s Perfect Peace.

This is not rocket science.  This is truth.  Jesus spent those special hours alone with his followers and spoke words that would make them courageous – not fearful – not hiding out – but out there in the world – showing the world what real peace is all about. Those same words are for us today!  Even little ole me.

Let’s take a look at these precious words spoken by Jesus:

“I leave the gift of peace with you – my peace.  Not the kind of fragile peace given by the world, but my perfect peace.  Don’t yield to fear or be troubled in your hearts – instead be courageous!

Remember what I’ve told you, that I must go away, but I promise to come back to you.

So if you truly love me, you will be glad for me, since I’m returning to my Father, who is greater than I.  So when all of these things happen, you will still trust and cling to me. – John 14:27-29 (TPT)

Wow!  Keep this close to your heart.  And then trust and cling to the gift of Peace – not some fragile kind – but the real McCoy!

As God’s children, we need to stop the petty conversations and get into the meat of the Truth and start living like we know Him.

Today, my song is upbeat — the kind you like to turn up in the car and just shout out!  It’s addicting.  Look to the gift of peace today and be encouraged and don’t be fearful – be courageous!

That kind of song that brings back memories of Peace River.

Peace Like a River

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