How Do You Lead?

To lead people is not to manipulate, drive, or manage them.

Everyone takes on a leadership role at some point in their lives.  Whether it be by being an older sibling – a parent – a coach – a teacher – a boss – the list is endless.

How do you lead?

36799992 - sheep dog run herding sheeps in the farm
How do you lead?

In my devotional today – Hearing God – by Dallas Willard – this question was brought up to me.  The example was very thought provoking – sheepdog or shepherd.

Have you ever seen a sheepdog at work?  It is an amazing sight.  He takes his job seriously, but he actually forces the sheep to obey.  But he does what he is trained to do.

The shepherd walks ahead of the sheep.

When you find your place as a leader, it is good to ask yourself what role are you fulfilling – sheepdog or shepherd.

As a spiritual leader, my role is to lead in a way that leads others to the Great Shepherd – Jesus Christ.  John 10 is a great example of what the shepherd does.  The sheep hear his voice and they follow.  They know his voice above all others.

THIS is why it is important to know the voice of God.  You cannot follow if you do not hear.

Ask yourself today – who am I leading?  Am I tempted to forcefully maneuver them?  Control them?  Manage them?

Ask God to give you direction in this role.  Ask him to show you how to be a shepherd in life situations instead of a sheepdog.

My Song: Wait upon the Lord.  Let him be the one who leads in your life.  Let him guide you in leading others too.

Waiting Here For You



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