One Day at a Time

This morning I received a double blessing from the Lord.  He is always so faithful in revealing himself in so many ways.  Today it was through nature.  Nature is one of his favorite ways to reveal himself.

First thing that I noted this morning, was light steaming through the window.  We have had so much rain lately in Indiana (and some snow), there hasn’t been much sunshine coming through.  I went downstairs to let the dogs out and first thing I noted was up in the sky – like a WOW!

Cross in tke sky

I ran back upstairs (yes, I ran) and got my phone and took a picture.  It was gone in less than 2 minutes.  So glad I put aside exhaustion and got this as a treasure.

Then coming back upstairs, the light was streaming through the window on the front door – and the image on my island was amazing too:


God is speaking loudly today.  Listen.  Look.  Enjoy.

Then I started singing a song – One day at a time, Sweet Jesus!  I have been singing it for two days now.  Yes!  One day at a time, Sweet Jesus!  Enjoy what the Heavenly Father gives to you.  Be alert.  You are surrounded by his blessings!

My song:  Oh. I love this one!  Found this one by a group of men – it’s beautiful – it’s another blessing from God.  Enjoy!

One Day at a Time, Sweet Jesus

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