Grandma’s Bible

My Grandmother (MawMaw) loved to read God’s Word.  Every day!

God's Word

I remember our visits to her home and I loved watching her read.  I loved watching her pray!  She just sat down and did it!  Even with a mob of kids around.  She just did it!

I was pondering today what happened to her Bible.  Who was the lucky one to receive that treasure.  I remember looking inside the front cover and seeing all these dates written down inside. One day I asked her why she did that.

Her words – “Each date is the start of me starting over – from beginning to end – that I have read God’s Word.  God’s treasures!”

Let me tell you – there were a lot of dates written down.

I pray that who ever received Grandma’s Bible knows its value – not only because it is God’s Word – but it has marks of one who truly loved Him and knew Him.

I am walking through a devotional – 100 Days to Brave.  I am on Day 17 – The more I dig into the Word for myself, the more I will hunger for it.

Don’t be afraid to do it for yourself – Dig in!  Get to know Him!

My Song.  My Prayer.  Is that you would know and understand what a treasure you hold – when you hold the Word of God and read it.  Read it for yourself.  I pray the words of this song touches deep down into your soul today and that you will feel the Presence of God.

I am blessed.

Word of God Speak

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