Passion to Pray

Have I ever mentioned how great and wonderful my God is?  If not, let me share with you today how great and wonderful my God Almighty is!  There are no other gods before Him!  He is the one and only True Living God.

I am walking through a devotional book for the next 100 days called “100 Days to Brave,” by Annie Downs.  I am on Day 18 and the topic today is prayer:

Prayer is this amazing opportunity to connect directly with the greatest Being who has always been.

As I was going through the feed on my Facebook page, I came across a picture that said it all – I hope you are touched by it too!  Below is an image of a Purple Passion Flower – at first glance, what I saw in the middle of the flowers appeared to look like hands – praying hands.

God is so good.  I love how He put that final touch on my devotional with something so beautiful as this purple passion flower.

purple passion flower praying hands
Passion to Pray

My Song:  Today I share an uplifting song by Christ Tomlin.  I remember so many years ago, when I said, “Yes, I will follow you, Jesus,” this is how I felt.  Full of freedom.  Full of love.  Full of hope.

Man tried to pull me down and take this joy from me.  But I have found my way back to Him – to the place where it all started.  Get out on the great dance floor of God’s and never look back!

God’s Great Dance Floor

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