Have Faith

Brave. Moments. Do. Not. Always. Come. Easy.

But stepping out in faith is always a good brave movement.

Walk in the Footprints of Jesus.  Have Faith.

As I am getting older, I am realizing that as long as I keep moving, I will age beautifully.

Growing old can be fearful at times.  And yet, the older I get, I realize it is not so bad.  I am much wiser.  I am much more loving.  I am braver than I have ever been before.

2018 has been my year of “Brave.”  God has given me many moments to step out and be brave.  Having faith in Him makes it possible.

Today, I am on Day 19 in my 100 Days to Brave:

Ask God to fill you with faith—faith in Him, faith in His promises, faith in His ways. And then use the assurance welling up in your heart to fight off the lies of the enemy.

About 15 years ago, I received a treasured letter from my grandson, Bo.  He wrote about “Nothing is impossible with God.” These were words that touched his heart deeply.  These are words that are placed deeply in my heart and when I hear them, I always think about Bo and the courage he had to write me about what he believed.

Have faith.  Believe.

Be sure of this: When you ask God to increase your faith, He will.

My Song:  This song has always been a faith builder for me.  I have always loved the ocean – the sunsets that come at evening time – and oh yes, the sunrises.  Enjoy the song today and think about the times that He has walked with you – the times that He has carried you – the times He has waited for you.  Have Faith.



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