Righteousness and Peace and Joy

I. Did. Not. Sleep. Well. Last. Night.

Have you ever had one of those nights?

For weeks now, I have witnessed a bully chewing up others and spitting them out.  That is the only way that I can describe it.

Joy in the Morning coffee cups

I think in my heart, I have seen enough of it and felt enough of it that I can no longer stand idly by.

The sad part, is that the bully, has absolutely no self-esteem and does this to feel better about herself.

I am reminded by a Scripture this morning from Romans 14 (written in my journal last year) about the Kingdom of God is about righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.  I feel that I can find my answer in these words today.

I need to move in grace and offer God’s love to others but at the same time I cannot water down His Word.  I must live in the things of the Holy Spirit.  Cling to the Heavenly Way and seek to understand.

It is much easier when the attacks come at me than when I see it flying by at others.

I can see that this conflict is part of my growing in bravery.  How can God use this situation to grow me to be more like Him?

I am going to savor these words a little while longer and seek more understanding and then I will rely upon His Truth and His Wisdom.

My Song:  I needed a song that reminded me of Him today.  I need more time to ponder and this one by Matt Redman touches me in the right places.  I think I will soak in these words today along with Romans 14.  Be Blessed.

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