Social Media Ills

Social. Media.

Need. I. Say. More.

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Wait For It!

I am reminded daily – sometimes several times throughout the day, how dangerous and evil social media can become.


Another word that I need to say no more about.

This morning as I sit during my quiet time, I can’t help but ponder what would happen if God saved all our words in a bottle and then poured them back out on us.  Would it knock us out for the count?  Would we never be able to get back up?

I realize more and more that what appears to be good may just be evil dressed up to look good and “Bam” – the bite comes and then the venom starts flooding through our hearts.

Words of Wisdom:  As you are scrolling through the posts on Facebook – BEWARE – it could be a poisonous snake just waiting for you to take the bait and then bite and flood your heart with venom.

My Song:  Each day that you arise, you have to keep your eyes upon the Lord.  Stay focused upon what is in front of you.  Don’t make the screen in front of you the main focus of the day.  Trolls await.  You take the bait.  You loose sight of what is really important in front of you.

My Lighthouse

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