Chasing Dreams

Children are born with dreams attached to their hearts.  One thing that is not attached to them is fear.

What happens to our childhood dreams?  

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Chasing After Dreams

I have been walking through a book by Annie F. Downs – 100 Days to Brave.

I am enjoying it tremendously. My word for this year, 2018, is BRAVE.  It has been fun discovering ways to be brave – to realize that I have already had brave moments in my life – and to know that the dreams that I am chasing after were planted in me by my Heavenly Father.  Planted in me to bring glory to His Name.

As a child, I use to daydream.  A group of kids would gather together and we would just sit outside or maybe even lay down on the grass and look up at the sky.  And then – dream. Share.

Sadly, I don’t think children today get those opportunities to just daydream – to chase after dreams.

Tree sitting

God designed us to dream – to have moments of chasing dreams.

For me – I have always loved to write.  I was fearful for so many years because I allowed my brothers to say that what I wrote was dumb and that no one would want to read my words anyway.  I used to write poetry.  So what did I do with all my writings?  I threw them away – torn to shreds because I allowed the door to fear to be opened and I stepped in.

I am no longer fearful of writing and sharing.  I write now because I just enjoy it.  I enjoy spending time with my Heavenly Father and allowing Him to share His Treasures with me.  Then I turn around and share them with others.  I no longer worry about if someone will read my words – hate them or love them.  I just write and pray that the dreams and talents that God gave me brings glory to His Name.

God planted dreams in your heart too.  Do you know what those dreams are?  Have you chased after them.  

One thing that I have discovered is that you are never too old to dream.

Many years ago, I was visiting my grandchildren.  I was spending the day with two of them – Tyler and Kayla.  They had bought some little lawn chairs and we decided to go outside under a tree and just sit in them.  It was such a quiet moment.  We were enjoying the sunshine and the light breeze.  There was small talk going on – but mainly enjoying the moment.  We sat there for well over an hour and as we got up to go and do something else – we all agreed – that sitting in our chairs and just talking was fun! And yes, we would do it again!

Girl sitting under tree

Take time to dream.  Take time to show children how to dream and enjoy one another.

Chase after your dreams.  Then glorify God.

My Song: I discovered a new one today.  I pray that you enjoy it for it goes well with the words that I have shared today.

Dream Small

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