And Joy Comes In The Mourning

Dreams. Sorrow.  Grief.  Mourning.

Look. Up. Ahead. And. Joy. Does. Come. In. The. Morning.

7373750 - sunrise in the summer at small overcast

I looked at two words this morning:

  • Mourning
  • Morning

They are pronounced the same – yet have different meanings. And throughout this post, you will see the “play on words” that mingle together.

Life can come at you hard sometimes.  Dreams are deflated.  Pain and sorrow enter deep into your soul and you feel like you will never live again.  That you will never dream again.

Candles Burning

Fear.  Fear comes at you in the form of whispers:  You will never – you are not good enough – when people find out – you should be over it by now – have you LISTENED to fear and allowed it to enter into your soul?  Pretending that you are okay? Pretending that grief never entered into your life? Never to mourn,  Never to grieve.  Never to talk about them ever again. Believing that you can forget dreams if out of sight?

It is okay to mourn.  It is okay to grieve.  And it is okay to look up.  Look up and see what lies ahead on the path of your journey.  Yes,  It will not ever be the same. But you must allow the sparks of joy to start filtering into your heart.

65308308 - blue sky with clouds and sun reflection. looking up view
Rays of Joy

Remember this.  Joy will come in the mourning.  It might not be right away.  But joy will come in the mourning.  In the grieving process there is a cleansing that takes place deep within the soul.  It is a feeling of emptiness.  Of hopelessness.  And yet, when we look up ahead – hope is rising off in the east.  And in the mourning, as we look up, we will see glimpses of joy arising in the morning.

Don’t allow others to rob you of your mourning.  It cleanses.  But also remember, don’t rob yourself of joy that is arising in the morning.  Let that ray of joy seep in through you flooding you each morning.  The light of that joy brings healing.

It has been 27 years since grief came in and smothered me.  Smothered my soul.  Smothered my joy.  Smothered my life.  But now I am able to look up and see the joy that surrounds me.  Grief so long ago still comes and fills my heart at times – I mourn – and then I look up – and remember all the joy that has filtered through my life these 27 years – and then I understand the words that I have heard for so long on my life’s journey:

“We may weep through the night, but at daybreak it will turn into shouts of ecstatic joy.”

Look up! And see off in the distance – the shouts of ecstatic joy heading your way.  Let the light shine into your soul.

7373750 - sunrise in the summer at small overcast
Yes! Joy will come through the mourning.

My Song:  May these words bless you today as you walk through grief and mourning in your life.  Rest in the arms of the Father and know up ahead, one day, ecstatic joy will shine forth on you.

Joy Comes In The Morning

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