Today, my heart is burdened with the knowledge of how many people are hurt – wounded – walking around in pain.  For different reasons – yet the pain is there – the hurt is there.

broken hearts

When will the wounding stop?  When will we open our eyes and see – see as God sees.

I’m thinking that maybe we can get so caught up in our own pain and grief that we just stop caring – caring about ourselves and about others.

I don’t have an answer right now to give for this.  But I know who does.

My Heavenly Fathers cares – He cares for you and He cares for me.

I am thinking maybe we have forgotten that He does care.  Could it be that we are so busy wounding one another that we have forgotten?

It is time – time to repent – time to take a look at our hearts and then allow God to do surgery upon our hearts.

That is all that I have to say for today.

My Song:

I Know He Cares

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