Baby Steps First

My heart just sinks at all the words spreading like wild-fire about our immigration problem.  No one knows what to really do and yet so many feel like they need to take a stand somewhere.  In these moments, we tend to do things in our own might and not in God’s Might.


I know that we are aware of all the half-truths floating out there (even though we don’t want to admit it) – taking these half-truths news and then trying to make it fit for what we are feeling is the right thing to do.  EVEN THOUGH we really don’t have all the answers.

AND this is where the enemy is doing his best work – placing lies in our hearts.  That ole time great one liner:  “Did God really say that?”

THEN we start building up conflict and chaos and we end up nowhere.

What can be done?

Maybe a first baby step.

Maybe standing back a little and allowing God to show us our hearts.

Maybe in our Government – leaders can actually stand up and admit their role in this big mess!  Maybe putting aside their hidden agendas and actually coming clean!

Maybe we all need to step back and stop trying to blame President Trump with every messy diaper that has been left behind from past leadership.

Maybe we need to admit the hatred that has built up against President Trump and come clean of that hatred – a hatred that has divided our nation – our communities – our homes.

Maybe realizing that the parents who have crossed over the border illegally, need to be held responsible for their choices.

Maybe realizing that there are parents out there – everyday – making irresponsible choices for their children.  It doesn’t just happen at the border.

Maybe realizing that there are consequences for our choices.

Maybe realizing that we are not “god” and allowing Him to guide us in picking up these messy diapers that have been left behind.

THEN after admitting our faults – our sins – THEN stepping out and asking forgiveness.

When we stop blaming each other for the mess that is out there – maybe then we can actually use God’s wisdom and God’s ways to clean up the mess.

Father God, I come to you humbly this morning with a heavy heart.  For I know Lord that deep down in our hearts we want to do the right thing.  And yet, we tend to not want to step forward and admit our part in the messes that surround us.  Father God, reach deep down into our souls and show us what we need to do.  And then open our eyes to what the enemy is trying to do – to do what he does best – steal, kill, and destroy.  Help us to come before you – the One who has all answers for life and may we be silent long enough to hear what you have to say to us.  Thank you for revealing all the secret and dark places and shining Your Light into those messes.  I thank you, Lord for what you will do in our lives.  I ask this in Jesus Christ’s name, Amen.

Seek Him today –

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