Won’t You Be My Neighbor

The Lord touched my heart this morning with these words.  My children grew up in the era of Mr. Rogers and oh how they loved to spend a little time with him each day.  Those little ones felt so much better after spending that 30 minutes with him.

Can that be said of me?  That another person’s life is better because of spending 30 minutes with me?

I am on Day 91 of my walk through 100 Days to Brave.

Mark 12:31 – The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’  There is no greater commandment than these.

God has been working on my skills of loving others.  And here I must clarify that it is God’s love and not mine.  It is not legalistic – it is pure.  It is not what another may think that I should be doing – but instead walking out the path that God has placed before me.  Seeing the neighbors that he has placed along that path.

And it was Mr. Rogers that came to mind.  I can even hum that song that he sung in every show – plain and simple – “Won’t you be my neighbor?”

Like a bleeding heart blooms, my heart aches this morning.  For I have seen so much of what man thinks we should be doing and not what God would have us to do.  Throwing around His Words like we know what is best.  WE DON’T!  God knows best!  And we need to be in tune with His heart – His love – His ways!

Bleeding Heart Flower.jpg

Many talk about the Good Samaritan – but do we honestly stop along the way to help another?  Or do we just put a string of words together and pretend that we care for our neighbor?

In my school of training with the Lord, this year, He has shown me many different situations that surround me.  He is teaching me how to not be so quick to jump to conclusions.  To not think that I have to be “Super Woman,” and save the world!  He reminds me of His Son, Jesus, who was sent to do that job!  Not me!

50695217 - jesus written on desert road

I could share some moments with you – but that is not for today.  The point for today:  “Who is your neighbor?”  Are you taking moments to allow God to teach you?  Or are you more concerned about what man thinks about you?  You just have to get past that one in order to be fully surrender to Jesus.

What path has God placed you on for your life’s journey?  Are you living out your mission as a light in this dark world?

And my challenge for today:  You can be brave enough to see those people around you, rather than just passing by.

I saw a tweet this morning from Dr. Derwin Gray – It truly touched my heart.  It was part of the training school that God has me in:

Dr. Derwin L. Gray Retweeted iSoccerPM:

You tell me who “won” the race? The big brother who helped his little brother finish the race or the dude in green who crossed the finish line first. What if all cared about people more than winning? We might actually really win. This blessed me today.

Dr. Derwin L. Gray added,

Look it up and watch it!  Let God work on your heart!  Allow Him to open your eyes to the world that surrounds you.
My Song:  It could be no other than Mr. Roger’s Song for today.  Be blessed!  Then bless another today!

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