Peaceful Rest

We all need a place to rest – a place of peace – an oasis filled with the presence of the Lord.  Home is usually the place that we find that rest – that peace.

That is why the enemy comes at families – to kill their rest – their peace – their joy.  IF he can rob us of our rest and peace, he can keep us in chaos.

Rest Porch

I am on Day 90 in my 100 Days to Brave.  I am amazed at the peace and rest that has entered into our home.  We are surrounded by God’s creation.  We are surrounded by God’s rest.  We are surrounded by God’s peace.


It is a commitment.  I am committed to keeping our home as a place of rest and peace.

This week, we have been blessed by the presence of a dear friend.  A friend in need of rest.  Sometimes we over book doing things.  And sometimes we just need rest.  Solitude.  A place that we can feel the presence of Adonai.  A place to set aside “media” and just enjoy that place of rest that only God can provide.

I would encourage you today to seek that rest.  If your home feels more turbulence than peace, you might want to make a few changes.  Yes, it takes some work on our hearts, our minds, our souls in order to find and recognize that peace of the Lord.  But seek it.  Find it. And then protect it from the enemy.

Rest Porch3


Be willing to share with others the peace that you have found in the Lord.  IF someone is truly looking for rest, they will jump into that haven of rest and soak it up.

My Song:  Rest in You!  Rest in Him today!

Rest in You


  1. Wonderful and so true. One of the things I have trouble with is being disorganized, so I am making an effort this week to redo my office and organize it, so I am not stressed and nearly insane when trying to find things. It will save my time and give my heart and mind much neeeded rest.


    • I’m also in the project of reorganizing my office. I’m discovering less is best! May you be blessed in His place of rest today


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