Paws Under The Door

Have you ever experienced paws under the door?  The bathroom door?

If not, maybe you have experienced little fingers under the door?

I have little dogs!  Yes!  And they are spoiled!  Not that I did that to them – it just comes natural for them.

43041676 - newborn baby girl  and dachshund puppy asleep on a white blanket.

This morning, I was contemplating a new blog – the aging process!  There are so many stories to share with a younger generation – you will get old no matter how hard you try to stay young!  You can have plastic surgery – face lifts – etc. and still you can’t stop it!  Too much surgery, I believe, is worse than no surgery at all.

Now back to the paws under the door.

Mitsy and Mugsy do sleep in a crate. But at times during the day, they have full range of the house.  Meaning, they think they own the place – run the place.  Once they hear you are up – the coughing starts.  Then the whining!  They are saying, “we can’t hold it in any longer – let us out!”


Then the treats start!  No need to explain this one.

I decide that I will jump in the shower – they have been outside – they have had their treats – they have had their bellies rubbed.

So I am in the shower.  Please note that I don’t close the door all the way because then they start scratching on the door to get in – they have to know that they can get to me.  As soon as I turn off the water, the small bathroom is invaded – little noses sticking through the crack and then they are in!

Yes!  They need to go outside!  It’s an emergency!  They can’t wait.

They don’t get the concept that as a human, I need to get dressed before taking them out.  So I start moving quickly and using my famous quote: “Hold your horses!”

Mitsy starts twirling.  Mugsy crawls on her belly.  And I’m hurrying.

My children are grown now.  But there was a time when I went into the bathroom, the little fingers came under the door with comments like:  “I miss you!  Just touch my hand!  I need to see you!  I’m hungry!  I’m thirsty!”  And it would keep on.

Fortunately kids grow up and they no longer need to put their fingers under the door.  But small dogs never grow up.  I mean in doggy years, they are older than me!

I hope this brings a smile to someone’s face today!  Memories!  Treasures!  Blessings!

My song today!  Butterfly Kisses!  Treasure your memories – you will grow old.  You will come to that stage in your life, where you understand the aging process.  Treasure the little fingers under the door – for one day there will be no more little ones around.

Butterfly Kisses