WORDS of Love

Some friendships don’t last for long, but there is one loving friend who is joined to your heart closer than any other! -Proverbs 18:24 (TPT)

This year has been a season of words.  Words from the Father.  It has been a season of bravery.  It has been my greatest year of challenge from the Father yet.

Words of Love

AND with that bravery comes freedom.  To be free in Christ Jesus!  To awaken to newness of life as I have never known it before.

There is nothing as powerful as the words of love that come from a true friend.  Words that help put us back together.  This is where the fragrance and presence of God shows up in unmistakeable ways.

A newness is breaking forth in song.  The Son is coming out!  For it is time for healing – for refreshment – for restoration.

If you have time today, read Proverbs 18.  And if possible, read it from the Passion Translation.  And then read it from a translation that you normally read from.

Let the words spill out over your heart today – become open to the Words of the Father.  Become aware of the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  And really get to know Jesus.  Get to know the Trinity –

55947302 - life word on the sea sand. conceptual nature design.

Don’t just take my word – get into the Word and get to know Him!

My Song:  One of my all time favorites!  Get to know Jesus.  Don’t live in fear and intimidation!  Be a reflector of the Son!

Knowing You, Jesus

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