FREE to be ME

When was the last time you were free to be yourself?  Or do you even remember who you are?

True friends allow us to be who God created us to be.  True friends encourage one another to grow in the LORD and have the freedom to express themselves.  True friends allow others the freedom to express themselves through spiritual gifts – talents – just to be.

As I look over Facebook and over social media, I see pictures of little children – ones who are allowed to be free and express themselves.  The smiles!  The joys!  The freedom!

Girl in rainboots

When do we stop allowing one another to be free to create – to just enjoy life?

It saddens me to watch a child start worrying about what others will say about them – if they don’t dress a certain way – talk a certain way – then you start seeing this shell covering them up and they are no longer free.

Are you free to sing?  Are you free to paint a picture?  Are you free to dance?  Are you free to run and play in the rain? Are you free to worship?


What freedoms have you lost?

Control.  Why do we allow others to control us?  Control what we think – what we wear – how we create.

True friendship happens when we enter that deeper level of who we are.  When we stop and think – what did I use to enjoy doing?  Why did I stop?  Was it because others laughed at me?

Today, think about being a true friend.  One who remembers what your friends use to enjoy doing.

Today, let someone just be!  Stop putting limitations on them.

My Song:  Are you free?  To run – to dance – to just be


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