Sloppy Wet Kisses

Have you ever experienced those sloppy wet kisses?

Oh I have!  So many of them!

Kissed by a BABY!  When they reach up with their hands and mouth and place them across my lips and move their little heads about and leave slobber all over the face!  You know that you have been kissed.

puppy kissed

Or when you first get that little puppy – all excited and the tongue is going a mile-a-minute along with the beat of his tail and you are covered in love – sloppy wet kisses.

I was listening to a song this morning and basking in the love of God.  Heaven meets earth like a sloppy wet kiss.  Oh, how he love us.  He loves us.

I pray that you experience that sloppy wet kiss from heaven today.  For He loves you!

My Song:  How He Loves

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