Crushed Hearts

Do you have a crushed heart?  Do you try to work each day with a crushed heart?

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I did at one time!  But this year, I completely crossed-over and left the worn-out work horses behind.

I look for those who have experienced the Presence of God and enjoy life.

I have been so blessed this year to be mentored by lovers and not worn-out workers.  No more trying to get things done in the religious spirit.

I enjoy being with the Father and learning more and more about Him.  I enjoy reading His Word and hearing His Heart beat.  I want my heart to beat as one with His.

I remember a time in my life when I was praised if I did my quota, served well, and I didn’t complain.

I remember when being tired and worn-out meant that I was “suffering for Jesus.”

I mainly remember when I took on too much I was called honorable.

I remember living like a worker and not as a Son or Daughter.

As a pastor’s wife, I once asked one of the leaders of the church, “How many hours is my husband suppose to work?”

AND his response: “When he gets it all done.  If it takes 40, 60 80 hours a week – he should keep going until all the work is done!”

My husband during that time had: a brain tumor, 2 strokes, and a heart attack.  I often think now – obviously he was being worked to death!  He was expected to do his work and the work of others.  He couldn’t serve because he was always doing what others thought he should be doing.

What I have discovered is that when we are able to serve using our gifts and natural talents, there is so much more accomplished.

IF you found yourself within these words, maybe it is time for you to find someone who is always talking about the Presence of God and enjoys life.  You will find those who are living like Sons and Daughters of the King and not just a local Hired Hand.

Heart Change

I am reminded this morning of the story of Mary and Martha.  Mary got it!  You can read the story from Luke 10:38-42

I encourage you today to find time to seek the Lord – tell Him what you are seeking for.  If you desire His Presence – you will discover it.

My Song:  I can not think of one song that makes me realize and feel like a Daughter of the King then this song.  When the words get into your heart – all I can say is “WOW!”

No Longer Slaves

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