Pause in His Presence

Awake my soul.  Arise my soul.

Experience the Father’s love today.

I would encourage you today, to escape, into his Word and read from Psalm 57.  I have attached a link to Bible Gateway below and brought up the words from the Passion Translation.  Such a beautiful language found in these words.

Psalm 57

Pause 2
Pause in His Presence

What caught my attention today?


In our world today, we hit the “pause” button throughout the day.  For different reasons.  Maybe it is to try to escape a difficult moment.  But we all have “pause” buttons.

But when I saw it in Scripture today, it made me stop and pause for a moment and linger there.

What a wonderful idea – way – to stop and slow down throughout a day and linger in the Presence of God.  What does that look like?

If you have ever lingered in the Presence of God, you know exactly what I mean.

For me, it means to reach out and hit the “pause in his presence” button.  Then escaping to the Father’s presence and basking in His Love.  I can share my day with him – my moments throughout the day with him.

Learn how to stop and pause, and the Father will show you love by his gracious and constant care.  Awake my soul.  Arise my soul.  Bask in the Father’s love. Worship.

53556509 - book with word worship, cross  and glasses.

My Song:  In worship we learn how to pause and bask in the Father’s love.  Our worship is a weapon against evil.  Use it daily.  Use it as needed.

Awake My Soul


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