Blessed by Encouragement

Sometimes we are called to speak the words of encouragement to another.  The words that the Holy Spirit nudges within our hearts to speak out.

Elizabeth did just that for Mary.

“Great favor is upon you, for you have believed every word spoken to you from the Lord.” – Luke 1:45 (TPT)

Whom have you encouraged of late?

44614188 - christmas background with open golden box with stars and confetti
So go ahead, everyone, and shout out your praises with JOY! Break out the box and let loose with the joyous sound of praise. 

Would it not be wonderful if the atmosphere could be filled with these words of encouragement instead of the stampede of hatred that we see everyday?

I love to write.  My heart is on fire to be able to share the burden that I have carried these past two years for our Nation.  And yet, I have been in the School House of my Heavenly Father to learn to speak those words in the ways that He would have me to speak them.

For several weeks now, my soul has been empty.

This morning, I understand what I have felt.  God has given me time to consider the task set before me.

2018 has been a year of bravery and of words.  And now as this year prepares to come to a close, this was my declaration to the Lord this morning:

My heart is on fire, Lord.  I want to write and share my burdens that you have given to me. I am prepared to humble myself in order to write your words.  Guide me, Holy Spirit, in the ways of my Father.  Let the words flow from heaven.  I will speak what the Holy Spirit nudges me with deep down in my soul.

That’s it!  Simple!

My prayer is that during this Advent Season, that the eyes of many be opened to see the damage of what a world of hatred has done not only to our Nation – but also to the world.  May our hearts be filled with love.  And when we receive nudges from the Holy Spirit to speak words of encouragement, that we consider it an honor to bless another with those words.

My Song:  Oh how I pray that these words bless you today.  I pray that you are willing to rise up and stand for Truth – for Life – for Love.  We cannot keep floating in the manure of hatred and think that we will survive.  Today is a good day to rise up and believe and let the words of life flow through you.

Word of Life

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