Who is your Life-Giver?

This morning as I continued reading the Story of Jesus – remembering the first Christmas ever, I am reminded of the Life-Giver.

Luke 1:46-47:

And Mary sang this song:
    “My soul is ecstatic, overflowing with praises to God!
My spirit bursts with joy over my life-giving God. (TPT) (life-giving God or Savior)

Golden Spirals

What immediately came to mind is abortion.  When the Holy Spirit comes so quickly at me, I know that it is from God. It is usually just a word or two – but He boldly speaks out into my soul – my heart.  And then I am moved by the Word of God.

The Lord is the one who gives life – not man.  And man has no right to take that life away.

If our hearts were saturated in the Word, abortion would not even be a word in the dictionary.

How many lives have been taken away in the name of abortion – that had life-giving purpose? Lives that never were able to express their joy?

Mary sings a song – a song that was deep down in her soul.  Her words were overflowing with praises to her God.  She knew the Word of God.  She knew God. And during this moment of joy – she breathed it – she spoke it.

She knew God as Life-Giver – as Savior.

My Song: This is definitely a favorite of mine.  My Savior touches me every time that I hear it.  May my heart always be filled to overflowing with praises to my Life-Giver!

My Savior My God

Who is your Savior?  Your Life-Giver?

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