Kisses of Mercy

Mary.  The mother of Jesus.  Sang a song of mercy – for the task that was hers that was just a few months up ahead.

And she reminds us that our God is unchangeable.

Or for those who like a bigger theological word – immutability.

puppy baby kiss
Butterfly Kisses Sent From Heaven

In all of the cray-cray in this world – I can always depend upon God to be fair and just and his truths never change.

I love the words in the Passion Translation – very poetic.  The verse today is found in Luke 1:50:

Mercy kisses all his godly lovers, from one generation to the next.

His mercy endureth forever.  And ever. For a life time and then for ever.

If you find yourself in the midst of the cray-cray and the evil that wants to consume God’s goodness – stop and allow His kisses of mercy to fall upon you.  Remind yourself that God never changes.  His Word never changes.

My Song:  Oh how I love those butterfly kisses – there is nothing like it in this world.  I pray that you are blessed by the words today.

Butterfly Kisses




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