Fire Carriers

Something is missing this season.  I see it in the way many walk around with their heads down.  Every once and awhile, someone will lift up their head and look – but nothing has changed.

The Light of Christmas is missing.  Love is being extinguished all around me.

Glory Over Me

Joy Killers.  Are you a joy killer?  One who lives in fear.  One who goes around with a bucket full of darkness putting out the Light of Christmas?

Many years ago, the Word of Heaven came to us with dazzling light to shine upon those who live in darkness, near death’s dark shadow.  And that light illuminated the path that leads to the way of peace.  (Luke 1:79 TPT)

Oh how I remember those days – the walking around – the joy that filled the hearts of people – that dazzling light shining into darkness.  The days you talked about the Son.  The days that you shared joy with others – hope – love – peace – kindness – and good will to all mankind.

As I sat this morning in the Presence of God – consumed with His Peace, I asked the Father what is missing today.


How do we get that peace back?

Fire Carriers are needed.  Those who are filled with that dazzling light spreading the news about the light that leads to the way of peace.

Are you willing to be a fire carrier?  One who is willing to bring back the joy in our lives?  The concerns for one another?  The love of God shining brightly into one another’s lives?

It is simple.  Repentance will need to take place.  The uglies need to be removed from hearts and replaced with that dazzling light.

Let Him in.

My Song:  Peace.  Caring.  Love.  Joy.  Laughter. Remembrance.

Peace on Earth

Wanted:  Fire Carriers

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