2018 – the Year of the Bully

2018 was meant to be a year of love – the discovery of learning how to love one another – to get to know one another more intimately.


It ended up being a year of crawling into boxes and making everything about “me!”  The year of offence.  The quick lift the lid of the box and throw a rock – a dart – an arrow – or even a bomb.

Box and Puppy.jpg


Bullying became popular.  I looked up synonyms for the word “Bully” and came up with a few interesting ones:

  • Bulldozer
  • Persecutor
  • Browbeater
  • Intimidator
  • Ruffian
  • Insolent

There was a lot of bulldozing going on!

The LABELING was intensified.  Instead of helping one another to remove all that heavy artillery from out of our bodies – we just kept shooting.

There are too many out there with heavily wounded bodies – its almost impossible for them to remove what has been thrown at them.

Jesus was known at the “Refreshing of Israel” in Luke 2:25

It can also mean the “Encourager of Israel.”

So what is needed?

Get out of our boxes and start learning how to care for one another.  To realize that we can’t keep playing like we are gods of the universe.  We have tried to do too much thinking for the God of the Universe.  We have forgotten that our ways and our thoughts don’t even come close to His.

We need to consider ways that we can become encouragers.  It doesn’t mean being an enabler – it means helping one another to be the best that we can be.

2019 is almost upon us – what will we do?

Notebook with wisdom quote and coffee cup.

For me?  It will be a year of discovering more and more about my Heavenly Father.  Letting Him guide me and show me more about Him.  I want to become more and more like Him.  I don’t want to be hidden away in a box making it all about me.

2019 is almost upon you – what will you do?

MY SONG:  Oh learn how to rest in Him.  Stop trying to take on all the problems of the world and work on your little part of the world.  Crawl out of your boxes and discover what is around you.  Become an encourager.  Become someone’s cheerleader.  Discover one another.  Get to know your neighbors.

Rest in Me

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