Yada, Yada, Yada

I have heard over the years people going around and uttering the word, “Yada, yada, yada!”

It has been used in a negative way.  Mainly to make another person feel like the words they are speaking are of no importance.  Like a “whatever!” attitude.  Or even a “blah, blah, blah!” Or even, “who cares?”

That’s right!  No brain power is needed to utter such words.


In my reading from Isaiah this morning, I came across that word in the Hebrew language – Isaiah 1:3:

“Even a dumb ox instinctively knows its owner and the stubborn mule knows the hand that feeds him, but Israel does not know me, nor do my people understand.”

To Know.  That is my word for the year.  To know Him.  To know Yahweh.

The word “know” used here means “to have a personal and intimate relationship with someone.  

And that is exactly what I desire to have with Yahweh.

It mentions that even the dumb animals know where to go to be fed.

Do I know where to go to be fed?  Do I know that I can be fed by the Word and by the Spirit?

It is time to know the Master of our souls.  It is time.

I find it interesting that when Christ Jesus was born, he was placed where the animals went to eat.  The Owner’s Manger. Was he showing us where to go to be fed?

To know.  Yada.  Do you want to know him?

My Song:  This is a new song for me.  Never heard it before – but the words speak clearly about really wanting to know him.  To know Yahweh.

Would you truly want to know Him?

To Know Him


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