Bring Life

I remember a story that I heard once about Augustine.  I don’t remember all the details, but enough to treasure the thoughts.  But you can read it from St. Augustine’s Confessions.

fiddlehead fern with dew

Augustine was distraught over his life and he was troubled that he kept going back to old ways.  Suddenly he hears a child’s voice chanting, “Take up and read!”  Augustine became very distraught and he opened up the Word to Romans 13:13-14.

Romans 13:13-14 (TPT):

“We must live honorably, surrounded by the light of this new day, not in the darkness of drunkenness and debauchery, not in promiscuity and sensuality, not being argumentative or jealous of others.  Instead fully immerse yourselves into the Lord Jesus, the Anointed One, and don’t waste even a moment’s thought on your former identity to awaken its selfish desires.”

This was a turning point for him – a transformation in his life.

The same Lord speaks today to hearts that are distressed.  God’s Word brings life where we feel that there is no life.  Where we feel that there is no hope.

What is one thing that you can do today that will help bring life to a circumstance?

Jesus is the Word of Life.  Seek Him.

My Song:  All my hope is found in Jesus.  All my yesterdays are gone.  Cling to the Hope of the world.  Salvation is found in Him.


All My Hope

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