Alone with my God

I am sharing a post that I wrote one year ago.  These words seem to ring louder today than a year ago.
It is so important to stay connected to the Father.  It is so important to know Him.  That is what my year is all about – getting to know Him better.  Becoming more like Him.
I pray that these words bless you today:


A Love Song

I love those moments in the early hours in the quietness of the morning, when I crawl up into the lap of my Heavenly Father.  Precious Memories.

Remembrance.  Treasuring. Anticipating.  Clinging.

Those moments when I am personally led by God, when I am swept up  in a rhythm of amazement, and just like David, I respond with a song.  Oh, how I am drawn to the heart of God.


“I love you, O LORD, my strength.” – Psalm 18:1

This is a gift from God – being in His Presence. 

In today’s world it is hard to find those quiet moments.  At least, that is what the enemy wants us to believe.  BUT everyone can find some quiet moments – away – that we can seek His Presence.  He is never far off – He actually awaits those moments too.

Have you ever wondered why people are afraid to be away – alone?  Not knowing what to do with those quiet moments.  Don’t buy into that.  Learn to treasure those moments.  Especially with Him – Adonai.

Don’t be fearful.  Go to Him.

Today, I leave you with a love song.  I sing these words many times in quiet moments with Him. Sometimes when I am washing dishes.  It quiets my soul.

I Love You, Lord

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