IF Ever

IF ever we needed Jesus, it is now.  Plain and simple!

I have been challenged by God to read through the book of Isaiah.  Not sure how long it will take me.  But as I go, I am writing it out and savoring the words written.

The sad part for me, is the fact as I read through, feasting on the treasures of His Word, it sounds like it is talking to us today.  Right now!

US Capitol Building

I read Isaiah 1:21-22 in the Passion Translation this morning.  And I wanted to share it with you.  Do you hear and feel what I am sensing:

“Look how the once faithful city has become as unfaithful as a prostitute!  She who was once the ‘Center of Justice.’ Where righteousness made its home, is now the dwelling place of murderers! She was once like sterling silver, now only mixture; once so pure, now diluted like watered-down wine.”

What is going on in our government today stinks like sewage!  The corruption consumes the atmosphere.  I am tired of it.  I know that most people are tired of it.  And no doubt, my Heavenly Father is tired of it.

Since when is it popular for the bad guys to win?  Since when is it okay for government officials to talk about their people like they are day-old garbage?

God opens my eyes daily to this corruption.  And I keep asking, “show me Lord what I need to do!”

I am feeling deep down in my soul that it is time for repentance.  It is time to turn back to God.  It is time to start loving one another as the Father has loved us.

What say you?

First Love


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